Friday, 26 April 2013

The orchid season has commenced with the flowering of the cute little Bunny Orchids.  They have been noticed in several locations around Dunsborough, including Blythe Reserve, Meelup Regional Park, Armstrong Reserve and in a couple of spots along the coastal walkway.
Other orchids to look forward to in the near future include Chapman's Orchid, Donkey Orchid, Pink enamel, Purple enamel and many others.

It appears that the possums are getting very hungry!  Over the last couple of weeks many of the local trees have been nibbled extensively, putting stress on them.  Both Western Ringtails and brush tails have been seen. From our experience their favoured vegetation is wattle, but as most people know they are also partial to peppies, roses, wisteria and most of your other special plants.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Whale Monitoring Update

Past Whale Monitors will be delighted to learn that the Meelup Regional Park Management Committee is considering plans to erect a board walk and platform at Point Picquet.  These initial plans have been drawn up by Michael Baldock, in consultation with D-CALC President Ron Glencross.  If the Meelup Committee, and the City of Busselton approve the plans, the next step will be to get costings and start the money hunt!